Thursday, July 17, 2008


One of my valued sources, a Together Friend, informs me this morning that this "port out, starboard home" etymology is considered an urban legend by sticklers, as the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang decoding well post dates first occurrences of the word.

The colorful and embellished stories of where this word really originates, leave the gatekeepers highly suspicious. Anything "gypsy" is not to be trusted, unless also verified (cross-checked and peer reviewed).

Speaking of posh, I'm ensconced in an Oregon State University dorm room and finding it comfortably spartan. As long as there's ethernet I'm a potentially happy camper. Excerpting from the Wanderers eGroup (me posting yesterday):
One perennial proposal is to bring in a safety net that assumes "the life of the mind" as a desirable component, i.e. "being in college on a scholarship" sets the base line, and includes work amidst study, including sometimes at dirty jobs (as seen on TV -- doesn't mean "unskilled"). You don't get to live in high style necessarily, but you're not in any danger of starving.
Just talking up the Global U again, per my usual rap, an updated version of what came out in Education Automation quite a few orbits ago (about 46).