Saturday, July 26, 2008

Looney Tunes @ Amazon

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Check out this screen shot, made with SnagIt, just a drop shadow added.

The page is ostensibly about a philosophy of mathematics title, but the Review (cut short) thinks it's about India, whereas the Product Description thinks we're talking about Susan's book on landscaping.

I saved verbatim quotes in the Math Forum, as a footnote in remarks about the philosophy book in question.

I rode TinkerBell to the gym today, hoping to work off those extra NPYM pounds. My fitness coaches, themselves quite athletic, are in consensus that I should keep shedding the dead weight, especially if I'm back to Guinness for protein (smile). Here's a weighty Friend looking to be less weighty. One snore doctor said I'd lightened up some, usually a good sign.

OSU is largely an Ag school, as in Agriculture, so all that wholesome cafeteria food is most welcome if you're gonna go out and "ag", work out on the gridiron or whatever. I'd have swelled up at Princeton had it not been for Rodrigo, my highly talented resident adviser and future exMarine. He got me out running, doing cardiovascular activities, leaving behind infrastructure I depend on to this day.

Once civilian volunteers get more of what their counterparts get, food, shelter and basic training, plus maybe officer training, then they'll have more time for the job at hand, driving those tractors, running those milking machines, laying that track, fixing those pumps -- all jobs that take calories, as well as an education.