Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Geeking Out in July

As a matter of professional pride, I have to poke around in the guts of my computer now and then, just to stay in practice. Also, I was wanting to walk my talk around "Christmas in July", an overtly secular holiday, all about shopping, like the real Christmas, but with none of the guilt -- just doing our part for the economy, foot soldiers for capitalism and yada yada.

The upshot is I'm pleased with the new 600W ATX power supply (a StealthXstream from OCZ Technology), quiet and with all the right plugs. I mail ordered from TigerDirect.

The Diamond ATI Radeon 4850, on the other hand, bought for cheap at Frys, is too into rebooting KTU3 whenever I try to control it, with consequent bug reports aiming at Microsoft for some reason (I doubt it's their problem). Plus there's this upcoming Quaker camping trip and I'm short on gear.

So maybe this Christmas in July takes a new twist and the video card goes back for a refund and instead Joe's gets my business as a wannabe camper (an easy "sport" likewise popular in Russia especially where eATVs are involved). My 78 year old mother wants to join in the fun, so I'm seeking a cot also (because of injuries, an air mattress is "suboptimal" -- as geeks like to say).

I mention Russians because I'm thinking ahead to our Bearing Strait project, a piece of company lore we Fuller Schoolers tend to rally around, almost as if it had theological significance. I won't try to explain everything in a short blog post though (go Google).

Now if I wanna be really greedy, I might try a different Radeon, on the off chance this one was returned because flaky, whereas a full priced one might not disappoint. We shall see. My sponsors keep me very lean when it comes to unnecessary expenses, a way of keeping me mean I think (hey, it works). Given all the hostility to Bucky type projects, it pays to have lots of hungry Quakers on short leashes, other exotic krew.

Update: Xmas continues, thanks to Joe's, and yes, I'm gonna try a new video card (a different brand though). Tara and Carol: off seeing a Narnia movie. We're planning on borrowing a tent, so delayed getting a new one, but I did get that cot for mom, looks pretty usable.

:: thx to sam by way of trevor ::