Tuesday, December 04, 2007

KTU3 'n Stuff

KTU3 relieved KTU2 of onerous duty, giving the latter some much deserved basement R&R (still plugged in, Internet aware).

I messed up KTU2's innards by downloading some dastardly malicious software, over firewall objections, such that OS reinstalls were to no avail (and a down to the metal reformat was just not worth the hassle).

I kept myself in the penalty box for like a year, I guess punishing myself for my own stupidity? Anyway, KTU2 remained quasi- usable, if I babied her a lot, especially on boot-up (I had to manually start many services).

KTU3, I've come to realize, has its own downsides, but more about those later (plus some have been addressed).

I just got off the phone with an environmentalist calling from 11th & Hawthorne, explaining how she now competes with my electric car savings account for "save the environment" money. As a 25 year old mother of a 4 year old, expecting another, she's still not a car owner, but heading that way. She was quite pleasant towards my electric car fantasy, so I ended up donating $35 on the DWA business Visa, keeping the difference for my electric car savings account. I'm thinking I'll test drive it some before Tara is old enough to make it her own.

Given I'm pushing geezer status (at least in the Snyder namespace) I also claimed to be one of those rare birds who liked it better when OSPIRG and Environment Oregon were more clearly in the Nader camp. I explained how Nader was a fellow alum (Class of '55) and honored speaker at my 25th (Class of '80) and had she heard of Patti Smith? Like I said: geezer.

Razz stays in the picture, but the driver gets to try different cars.

Looking forward to Jimmy Lott's gig tonight.