Monday, December 10, 2007


Business-eze: a worldly talk, associated with some shop or business, often indecipherable to the casual listener.

Example: a 1065 nets 1099s from multiple clients, then processes the income to partners in the form of K-1s, which attach to the 1040 as proof of where that income came from.

Example: an ODBC pipe communicates SQL to an Oracle engine (or other brand) allowing front end clients, such as Microsoft Access, to request rows and columns (whether they get them or not is another story).

When people go to business school, they learn a lot of these jargons, or namespaces as computer scientists sometimes call them.

Once you learn a few, you start to see patterns.

Combined with the wisdom of hindsight, these patterns inform a next generation and so on, i.e. we're aware of learning curves, both within (intra) and between (inter) generations of businessese speaker.