Monday, September 10, 2007

Stardust (movie review)

Alexia gave this a positive review today, and I recruited Tara to catch it right after school (before upgrading her cell phone).

And a delightful film this was, with all the elements of a fairy tale epic, minus any pedantic ponderousness. Gentle, light, self-spoofing.

The adorable fallen starlet delivers a candidly rapturous soliloquy on love to a mouse (squirrel?). Allusions to Shakespeare abound, with ol' shark daddy de Niro exploring new territory. Good seeing O'Toole again.

I'll gladly watch this one again for all the clever plays with filmic conventions, other treats. Great witches by the way, offset by swashbuckling men just as ugly.

Got my mind off my own silly rib cage (bike event).