Sunday, September 17, 2006

Popping the Champaign

I'm writing upbeat inhouse propaganda for the home front these days, feeling we're finally making real headway for a change.

Synergeo has proved a great scratch pad for me, to take another run at overcoming some hurdles I'd been coming up against. Just needed a longer runway I guess.

The community college profs and I are chewing the cud about electronic whiteboards, plus I'm yakking about Kusasa, the South African initiative to really bridge the digital divide. Math and computer science (CS) need to become the same discipline in the early grades. You can put a fork in the road later, when it's time to pick a favorite.

But how will you ever decide in to which to dive into, if CS is in-the-closet verboten, and "just math" makes you sick. Given such a censorious climate, you'd probably just end up a lawyer if bright; and we hope one of the good ones (like Joyce Cresswell, Executive Director of our Saturday Academy, and well serving our Silicon Forest, like Matt).

I'm not trying to micro-manage what language. Of course I push Python, but that's not by edict or decree. I'm a recruiter, not a conqueror, and I secretly respect a few who push back hardest (sometimes not so secretly). Like I'm sure Ruby has a bright future, even with that chip on its shoulder, about the evils of XML (hey, some days I hate it too).

Hey, Peet's is doing like free coffee and donuts (grand opening tomorrow) -- news from the Nalley family, just back from Race for the Cure with Tara. I'm headed out. Dawn is escaping to Manzanita with her bookkeeping collaborative.