Friday, September 01, 2006

Lunch Break

So I'm sitting in my conference room office, waiting for the boss to come by. She wears several hats and our schedules are sometimes hard to synchronize. Anyway, it's lunch time and the cafeterias are bustling. I went through twice: salad bar and Starbucks Iced Coffee Light (in a can), then for a Sierra Mist Free (plastic bottle: no sugar, calories or caffeine).

Given the medical ambience around here, I like to eat virtuously. At home, I'm more likely to dig into the twinkie basket or whatever.

For clothing, I'm wearing tan colored trousers, a fancy dark gray Men's Warehouse blazer (three buttons), with a light blue cross-hatch pattern on the collar shirt. I'm wearing comfortable light-colored sneakers, which is a bit off protocol, but if I call 'em deck shoes, and think how that matches my Princeton University sticker on Razz, it all fits. Very F. Scott (plus I was on a 1947 Chris Craft much of yesterday, more casually attired).

Oh, and let's not forget the tan OSCON bag (a favorite accessory, matches the shoes), I'm pretty sure the same one I took to London on Air Canada and introduced on TV -- although I used to have two, and one's gone missing, so there's a bit of a mystery here (along with what happened to Robin, Razz's predecessor, swiped from the Lloyd Center while I was watching Troy).

I was chatting about Synergetics with Tim Stockton earlier this morning on Yahoo!, hyping my website, which one of my spiders says contains 118 pages (it gave me a list). Given schools are coming back into session, I'm keen to get more focus on the A & B Modules, component building blocks of our concentric hierarchy constituents ("we" being the gnu math teachers I'm always writing about). I must add those to one of these days -- or maybe someone else wants to take it in that direction, given it's free and open source and all that.

OK, the boss is on her way over (she was managing some crisis across the way), so lunch break is just about over. More later.