Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wanderers 2006.5.16

Astute readers will note that I've been missing some of these Wanderers meetings lately, or have at least failed to provide write-ups.

Given I now do all the driving in our nuclear family (plus friends have been helping out a lot), I have less leeway to show up in the mornings in particular. I missed by all reports a good one on Christianity, presented by a local author with a fun sail boat -- not much wind that day I was aboard, but it also has a small motor.

We also had a two-part presentation on quantum gravity, both of which I missed (but heard about from Sam Lanahan at a chance encounter during birthday celebrations at Lloyd Center).

I did make last night's presentation though, by Adam Reid (at least in part -- I made a quick trip to Providence at the outset, where Dawn's shy veins had frustrated every attempt to pierce them -- so she's trying again now). Adam spoke about Portland's innovative new public high school, LÊP, which is gearing up to receive its first students on August 1.

Rather than post my write-up here in Grain of Sand though, I posted a few words at in math-teach, an open, unmoderated web-archived Forum I've frequented for many years by now (so don't ever expect me to believe that math teachers lack passion -- I've learned otherwise).