Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some Autobio

Maybe this'd be more appropriate in BizMo Diaries, given it's autobio, but Grain of Sand was my first blog that I bonded with, so here goes.

Like Woody Allen, I thought Ernest Becker's The Denial of Death was a strong contribution to psychology, which in turn led me to Norman O. Brown's Love's Body, which I really got into.

It was through these readings, and through Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations (one of my chief concerns at Princeton) that I felt led to American Transcendentalism and Positive Futurism, in the form of Fuller's and Applewhite's Synergetics. I've always read it as a network of semi-metaphorical verities (1005.52), invisibly and tensively cohered, as did the authors.

I've been alluding to what I call Apocalyptic Christians over on Quaker-P, and feel led to explain a bit. Christianity has the somewhat earned reputation for always expecting a Great Cataclysm within the lifetimes of whomever happens to be controlling the pulpit for the time being.

I think this apocalyptic streak puts an unfair burden on other religions also hoping and helping to steer (and they have every right).

I thank our Loving God that only a small minority of Christians are of an apocalyptic persuasion, but some of them have identified as Friends in the past, i.e. as Quakers, i.e. as so-called "members" of our Religious Society.

So I feel some sense of personal obligation, given I also identify as a Friend, to disassociate myself from those thinking ordinary death in an ordinary age isn't good enough, and that they deserve a front row seat on whatever great destruction awaits.

To these selfish self-chosen, the idea of humanity rolling forward for many more millenia, growing in competence and satisfaction with Creation, is an anathema. They want to see the End Times, and the sooner the better.

Me, I aim to be ordinary. I'm just another guy headed for the grave, and happy to have this time with ya'll (you're wonderful).

And I do sense our persistence in a poetic sort of way. Our 4D++ appearance, as a piece on the board, is like a signature. We may live on to witness the fruits of our handiwork.

My goal, as a man in the rear view mirror waving, is to wish ya'll in the future my very best. Live on, love on, and prosper. Walk cheerfully and tread lightly over the earth.

Now, I must get back to work. Circumstances remain pressing.