Friday, April 28, 2006

Working and Playing in River City

My morning was devoted to data base plumbing, nuts and bolts issues having to do with the flow of clinical information, from points of care to back office research and analysis professionals. Our hospital system has been at the forefront of advances in heart treatments for several decades.

The afternoon related more to Math Forum activities, where I'm busy prototyping what I call Pythonic mathematics, in tandem with colleagues around the world, including in Cape Town and Algebra City.

This evening I get to stay in a school building, maybe catch a movie, have a beer or two. Part of our local McMenamins empire. Check very early posts in this blog for more such allusions.

I heard neocon John Bolton (a UN rep) sounding off in panicky mode on NPR this afternoon. He doesn't speak to the issue of an illegal occupation, on the basis of fabrications and prevarications, by a recalcitrant, uncooperative, defiant nuclear superpower, of Iran's neighbor, which to world ears sounds rather one-sided, I think any objective listener would admit.

Besides, we're looking forward to all those new kwhs flowing into the Iranian grid, which will drive down the price of juice regionally, and make our plans for a new SeaWorld more affordable.