Monday, April 10, 2006

Launch Pad

edubuntu booting in Derek's kitchen
(click for larger view)

So I'm living out of my OSCON carry-on, lugging a laptop, haven't yet packed the checked baggage. Catching up on my spam : -D. Listened to a little Randi Rhodes on KPOJ while I waited in Razz for Tara. Randi thinks the "nuke Iran" people are really creepy. Duh. I try not to look at the freak shows er talk shows too much.

Not all Americans are idols. Not by a long shot.

I've been doing my carnivore schtick a lot lately. Big Daddy's BBQ for lunch and tonight: Mongolian Grill, whole family (well, not Sarah (NDW = no dogs welcome)).

If I manage to zip by Derek's for some quick BS and a brewskie, I'll snap a digicam shot of Edubuntu, which I burned to CD and which he got running on a recently purchased castaway Pentium (a perfectly good one). I'll upload it to become part of this blog post.