Sunday, April 16, 2006

Home to PDX

Derek retrieved me from Hollywood District per plan, waiting longer than expected because of track construction, meaning I had to go from the Red to the Blue line at the Gateway transfer stop. All this at the other end of a very long day, beginning with the 49 from Battersea to South Kensington, Picadilly tube to Heathrow, Canadian Airlines home, to PDX 4D.

Dawn and Tara were watching a Buffy (some episode about a Ted in Season Two), Mom puttering. Fish in therapy, Sarah psycho. No Nick.

The trip back was less grueling, as I'd regained my airline legs. Had a book, for one thing, and a good one (I've blogged about the author). Tara's also reading one from the same genre (reviewed by me elsewhere). And I had a better angle on the films, so watched most of two of them (Clint Eastwood protecting a president, and Walk the Line). Although the route back was technically more miles in its longest segment, the time went by faster, my head cold gone.

Dawn turns in early, after family chat, including some detailed discussion of Bodies. Tara is playing some ants simulation (but would it run on Ubuntu?). I'm writing in my blog, or keeping a journal, as we Quakers say.