Friday, December 16, 2005

More Accounting

I reupped as domain owner, having got it going in synch with Fuller School syllabus materials, i.e. Bucky's Grunch of Giants forecasts a potentially benign world livingry service industry. I added a little more science fact to his science fiction. A lot of us did, in various interesting ways. Dawn just got the confirmation back to her inbox @

Dawn is scheduling another bookkeeping appointment, where she goes to the client and operates client bookkeeping systems. I'd like to provide her with better VPN, to take some stress off the Subaru, but mainly to help us get more mobile. So much of our work involves telecommuting already.

Got a snailmail from Associated Oregon Industries (AOI) asking for a W-9 (they likely have it by now). AOI is one of my clients: membership is managed using a client-server VFP program, featuring a tabbed GUI with the member home page showing up in the rightmost tab, courtesy of a canned Microsoft ActiveX object. That's only if the member has supplied AOI with an URL for its database -- having a web presence is certainly not a requirement for membership AFAIK.

We have two memorial services to attend today: I'll be with the Martins, celebrating the life of Roberta, while Dawn will join Elise in celebrating Gordon, Elise's dad.