Wednesday, December 28, 2005

BuckyWorks Ten Years Later

:: 1996 ::

Brainstorming on BuckyWorks
I dreamed of
high tech ecovillages,
relief bases, retreat centers,
alternatives to corporate cube farms.

My initial emphasis was on
high turnover scenarios,
such as we experience in:
college campuses.

:: 2006 ::

instead of designing a bright future,
would-be futurists
are still fighting ghosts
of the last millenium.

In my view,
fighting the nightmares you fear
is far less effective
than dreaming up tomorrows
worth expending some energy to achieve.

The USA didn't get a superhighway system
simply by scaring itself silly.

Work for, not against,
or you risk wasting your opportunity
to make any real difference in this life.

That has the flavor
of a New Year's resolution,
doesn't it?

I plan to take my own advice.