Friday, January 07, 2005

Happy B'Day Sarah

Between brainstorming about geodesic mosques (could be big), setting up for a new class (starts tomorrow), and doing some data submissions before deadline, it's another busy day in River City -- but never too busy to celebrate Sarah's birthday.

Sarah is mostly a yellow lab, but we think maybe part pit bull or dingo. Strangers stop to pet the "pretty dog" (she's lean, has good lines), but then maybe back away, because of her "smiles" (we sometimes call her Smiley). The young nightshift staffer at Howl-a-day Inn was so freaked by this behavior that we've had to overnight her elsewhere ever since (she's still welcome for daytime play). So yeah, Sarah's a little weird, but very affectionate with the people she trusts.

Speaking of our nonhuman friends, and continuing yesterday's theme (rebuilding Iraq), I'm always interested in reports about zoo conditions (thanks Lindsay). I'm hopeful that the Baghdad Zoo gets more of an Internet presence, complete with web cams for remote viewers like me. And how about a Sea World with a clone of Shamu? Maybe that'd be more practical in Umm Qasr. There'll have to be security, like at Disney World.

The lowest life form of them all, the adult perp who intentionly hurts innocent children (maybe by killing their parents or pets) , may try to frustrate these GRUNCH projects, but we know that ordinary Americans love children as deeply as anyone, and will join us in prayers for an end to the violence (maybe in a geodesic mosque), so that we're able to start rebuilding in earnest.