Monday, December 06, 2004

Some Liberal Analysis

I posted this pithy summary of where I think we are right now, in the internal debate about how to go forward, to the math teacher list at the Math Forum.

The need to pit entire cultures against one another in to-the-death struggle for finite resources such as water and oil is based in obsolete reflex-conditioning, inherited from a darker age, before engineering reached its present level. Engineering keeps putting off that Malthusian day of reckoning, the big crunch, and it now sees ways to postpone this indefinitely.

The ethical responsibility of scientifically literate humans is to explain to the less literate that we have an alternative to the War on Terror. Something like my envisioned 24/7 geek channel might help send the message. We'd inject curriculum from our American Medal of Freedom winner Buckminster Fuller.

There'd be lots of role modeling and high technology in play here, too -- plus considerable effort to actually explain how it all works (the open source commitment, consistent with the USA's tradition of transparency in government).

This isn't about Hollywood lefties speaking out against Team America and trashing the right for its patriotism. We'll need help from the military and its computers, its massive databases, its disciplined rank and file, in order to succeed.
Clearly my analysis has been influence by that of South Park Studios.