Monday, January 07, 2019

FEMA Testing Mode

Control Center

"FEMA Testing Mode" is local code for practicing emergency routines, which are not routine by definition. Carol is operating in the kitchen, feeding herself, as if there's no one home, even though I'm here and closely supervising.  "What if I get called away to Seattle?" is the name of the game.

At a higher level, we have an entire Co-op near Movie Madness (rental videos) devoted to practicing disaster relief routines in its spare time. A lot of them are seniors, and such exercises count as exercise, even if the theme is the nervewracking suspense of their not being an earthquake yet.

By the way, the online dictionary I checked was fine with either "nervewracking" or "nerveracking" and never stopped to talk about how that "w" snuck in (or got dropped, as the case may be). I've got comments turned off to model an old-style Quaker journal, but I bet some of you know more than I do about these fine points in English.

I've got Spirited Away frozen in time to my left, where Carol left it before dinner last night.  Glenn hasn't seen this film and I grabbed it yesterday as we discussed both the live action and animated versions of Seven Samurai (Samurai 7).  There's a good segue here.

Having kept my vow of abstinence from August to 2019, as committed to the blockchain or whatever, I've had a few ceremonial cold ones.

I don't have the every morning routine of climbing Mt. Tabor at the moment.  That reminds me, time to send Patrick some proposals for some Jupyter Notebook workouts.