Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Time Flies

:: Carol and Celeste ::

A cliche we've all heard is the older one gets, the faster time flies.  Then follows the standard explanation:  well duh, each year is proportionally less and less, of one's entire life.  We also learn from the patterns.  The seasons spin by, marked by holidays in succession.

We're coming up on Thanksgiving here in Oregon.  In earlier chapters, I've been in the HOV lane heading to north of Seattle, to be with family friends.  Other times I've been north to meet with actual relatives, dad's side of the family.

This year, however, given mom is not ambulatory (a recent turn of events), I'm likely to stay in Portland, which has its own charms.  We might do something fancy-electronic to hookup with the relatives.  We're also looking forward to a rendezvous with other friends.  That's what this season is about, when it's hardest to travel thanks to weather.

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