Friday, November 23, 2018

From the Pi

I'm physically in the living room, Mac Air on my lap, connected by VNC to the Raspberry Pi in the basement.

Getting this far has been a struggle, as my former password, AFAIK, had stopped working.  Had I forgotten resetting it?  But then why did passwd reset seem to work, yet not work.  Something about /etc/shadow?

Anyway, I followed instructions to change cmdline.txt on the Micro SD card, an hour-long project given my best card reader adaptor was not the one that ended up working.  Then came other issues, requiring a remount and so on.

Now, at last, I'm able to do what I used to do:  use VNC from a remote laptop to get the Raspberry Pi desktop.  Yay.

In celebration, I opened Blogger from the Pi and am writing this blog post virtually, from behind the router, not from the Mac Air.