Friday, October 26, 2018

Today's News


Today was tightly timed.  This was a first run with Carol incapacitated to this degree, though with dress rehearsal the day before.

We had to run a short gauntlet at the clinic, all necessary, and then I needed to get to Bowling Class.  That's code.  Crack it later maybe.

The CBS News was about the horror show crime boss stuff that makes this Ghetto Planet, followed by a scary story about a dangerous place, where people die in the process of taking selfies.

Typhoon Yutu hit Northern Mariana Islands.  Get checked for breast cancer.  I get to have another colonoscopy soon.

I'm engaged with Quakers in some long range planning again, which process does not involve voting.  There's plenty of room within Quakerism for many experimental forms.

I may be experimenting with the mixed use skyscraper concept, perhaps in Asia somewhere.  Speaking of which, I see in Asian Reporter that the Pope is eyeing a visit to North Korea.

I've been sharing DPRK memes on Facebook as a part of the ongoing redesign, so this news was apropos.  I read it in the parking lot, as we had coffee, having arrived early for the appointment.

Griff sent me some homework.  I'll be getting an RT and RD in Rhino after all, looks like.  That's a CAD program I'm using.  I'm not the headwaters when it comes to the slick stuff going out through the schools, but I do contribute some mnemonics.

A lot of what I do is reorganize, repackage, value add.  That's what GST envisions the PWS as doing, an "edit / recombine" studio.  PWS = personal workspace.  Lots on Medium by me on that.