Friday, January 05, 2018

Health Plan

Keep Health Care Alive

Ever since the O'Reilly School closed, I've been adrift in the nation's health system, electing to go with COBRA at first, which took a lot of my severance, and then applying for Oregon Health Plan.  I've been reluctant to seek health care fearing the hassle of changing providers and learning the new maze.

Last night, however, my friends insisted I visit a walk-in clinic as my shortness of breath was acute and I ended up at OHSU (Oregon Health Sciences University), where my care was efficient, professional, and compassionate.

I'm home now, with a diagnosis of lung clots.  The prognosis is still hopeful, though only time will tell.  I'll be picking up my exercise program right where I left off.

I'm glad Oregon state has been taking the business of care of its indigents, such as myself, seriously. Many of my friends enjoy the same benefits.

It's not that I don't work; I'm just not "raking it in" given my career as a freelance teacher-programmer.  Most medical insurance policies for someone in my position are outside of my price range.

My thanks to all the staff who saw to it that I got the best care available.