Monday, January 15, 2018

C6XTY Meetup


Today was a holiday, MLK Day (memory).  Sam Lanahan, inventor of C6XTY, came by the house, upon learning of my new health and exercise commitments.  He brought me a really high quality industrial strength juicer.  Perfecto!

If you look closely (perhaps by clicking on the picture, then magnifying at the source), you'll see I'm using Spanish as my Facebook language.

That doesn't mean what people post changes to Spanish, only text coming from the Facebook API.

Yes, that's a slightly quirky use of "API" as GUIs (graphical user interfaces, such as Windows) have their own name.

We don't consider the surface of a printed page an "API" either, for somewhat the same reason.

 The verb "to read" applies, as in "read a face" and yet "API" has more of a lexical connotation. A car dashboard is an "API" except that it's more like a GUI.

I'm sure I'm blathering about these matters because I've spent much of the day immersed in the Tkinter API, a guidebook for programmers wanting to make GUIs. I did some similar work in Codesters, designing as Stars & Stripes for practice.