Monday, October 23, 2017

Bucky for Dummies

The above title may already exist out there, but I don't recall reading it.  What I refer to in this context is my willingness to "stay dumb" regarding generalizations I don't know about.

For example, claims about "zero point energy" swirl in close connection with some friends of Fuller, however I'm not banking on these proving true.  I'm not banking on UFOs being other than unidentified.

Fuller took our technology of the 1970s as already marking a turning point.  Doing more with less, we'd be able to keep 8-10 billion 200 watt bulbs blazing i.e. provide metabolic circuitry sufficient to avoid unnecessary death by starvation.  Absent that, we remain on Ghetto Planet.  But it could be our Promised Land.

He could have been wrong, however he was pretty adamant that his claim was not premised on hitherto unknown science.  Yes, humanity would continue to make discoveries and develop its shared metaphysical capital (know-how), but the whole point was we had reached a point of technological sufficiency.  What held us back were conditioned reflexes, habits of thought and action.   Religion had a lot to do with that.

Synergetics has "mind" and "brain" doing different jobs.  Both are tools, words with uses.  Why waste two important words by having them be synonyms?  Have a brain that continually upgrades in light of new revelations, intuitions.  Have mind be the source of those.  This way we allow for a collective unconscious, a higher consciousness, a zeitgeist, a Holy Spirit.  Humans conventionally make this distinction even so, with or without Synergetics.

The brain is the province of reflexes and unless receptive and open to intuitions, it tends to freeze into habits of thought.  Intuition is by divine grace if you want to sound religious about it, but you're not required to.  Comprehension of principles is at the meta level with regard to special cases.  Connecting the dots helps us appreciate the general patterns and improves our powers of anticipation, as any future-oriented strategist seeks to do.

The "zero point energy" people want to point to UFOs as having tapped energy sources we'll need.  As evidence of UFOs they point to crop circles or other unexplained phenomena.  You'll find that school of thought explaining the events of 9-11 in terms of hitherto unexplained science.

I'm suggesting no one embracing the claim of "enough for everyone" through "more with less" is compelled to couple this claim with any overhaul of existing physics.  Some do, but I don't.  I admit to a Twilight Zone of tantalizingly relevant data, adjacent to my sphere of relevance.  I'm always looking for how to fit in new puzzle pieces.  However per Bucky for Dummies, I don't see a need to jump the gun.  I'll stay a skeptic regarding many outlandish proposals.  Or call it risk management.  I'm allowed to guess wrong.