Monday, July 31, 2017

More Manicuring


The last remains of the old phone pole have been hauled away.  Today, starting 8 AM, the job is to completely remove a large street-side tree another house down.  The city approves, but I'm not sure if they're paying for it.  My impression is it interferes with the sewer line, so maybe so.

I think I've been fairly successful on math-teach, making my case that the K-12 math curriculum needs to adapt.  On the ground what that looks like is an infusion of CS (computer science) as a separate discipline, so that math texts might continue as they were.  The Learning to Code movement has been effective.

My campaign to make more room for tetra-volumes at least in sidebar, as a teaser, is a decades-long endeavor which has an unclear outcome, so the powers that be seem as yet unwilling to invest.  Too many unknowns?  We have to recognize the standard pattern:  early adopters, bandwagon, laggards (one may use other terms).  I focus on "international schools" (such as I attended) as where this history and literature is more likely to make inroads.

The nationalism versus globalism debate is less a debate than a continuation of East meets West.  People still think in terms of "western civilization" and historically speaking that's useful.  However, going forward, I don't think so.  I argued on QuakerQuaker about this, suggesting "western civilization" is an obsolete term in many contemporary contexts.

Giving the Russians such an important role in determining the political landscape of what used to be considered "US domestic politics", even writing it into law, is something of a breakthrough.  The superpowers are merging, in terms of synergizing oligarchies.  That's not what the nationalists have in mind, but precession was never about straight lining from A to B.