Monday, July 24, 2017

A Disconnect


What are the chances?  A phone and electrical pole utility truck pulls up across the street and starts transferring what remains attached to pole A, the old one, to pole B, the new one.

We have some tree branches and stuff, touching the wires.  Couldn't the guy have just shaken it loose then?  My CenturyLink optical fiber connection stopped working.  My wire goes right to that space.

I went out and talked with the crew, but they said no, they'd not done anything to mess with my connection, call CenturyLink.  Which I did.  A technician should be coming in the morning.

That's good, as I have another class to teach on-line come evening.  But if it's not a ladder truck, just a van, a repair may be out of reach.  The CenturyLink trouble shooter on the phone didn't think it was the a pole problem either.

What are the chances?

I think it's a mistake, by the way, to make "cyberspace" be just the Internet.  The telecommunications revolution started with radio (before that telegraph), and then television.  I get my Prism TV through the Internet, even though I don't watch it, stick to broadcast.  I have a digital antenna.

The Internet wraps all that up, and then some, along with the telephone, also revolutionary. 

That's all cyberspace.  Segregating the Internet from voice, phone, radio and TV, saying cyberspace is only the former, not the latter, is really dull-witted.

Like I say on math-teach, it appears that English is broken, and those who think in it have a hard time having coherent thoughts.

I'm using my Verizon phone as a hotspot at the moment, which explains how I'm able to blog sans my expensive / fancy optical fiber connection.

Followup:  the CenturyLink tech confirmed my suspicion: they'd touched the wire.  Photons don't like sharp corners; there's a reason for those hoops.  Think of a garden hose with a cinch in it (a pinch); the water stops flowing.  He unpinched it, by climbing a ladder, and service was restored.