Thursday, June 08, 2017

Media Sphere

Morning in America

I'm joining much of the North American polity this morning, though most need to work, in viewing Congress deliberate, in the presence of private citizen Comey, formerly FBI Director, regarding what's up with the Russia investigation, which no one has any doubts about being real (and serious).

To that end, on the advice of various parties, I made myself a Bloody Mary (aka Headless Chicken), which in these parts is an accepted breakfast drink, even if alcoholic.  You'll find some good ones at Beaches, at PDX International, starting around 6 AM (I was sipping by about then too, and making a cheese, spinach omelette).

Per ritual, we're supposed to use Russian vodka, for irony, but I didn't have any handy and went for the Swedish brand, Svedka, I found in my downstairs closet awhile back.  Never opened.  I bought the tomato cocktail mix at the OLCC store on Hawthorne & SE 47th (Asylum District), McIlyenny Co Tobasco brand. Also by ritual we're supposed to chuckle "covfefe" or maybe use that as a toast.

For the last three days, I've been huddled in a cross-country (multi-timezone) session on Python3, what is it and how does it work.  Although European in origin, we don't say it's Russian in particular, given Guido is Dutch.  Yes, Python is popular among Russian hackers. My days in Moscow were pre Python. I'd like to get back now that we have this computer language in common.

I have an Ornery class on (ignore modal window -- or sign up for a free scratch space) where I show how the puppet strings are connected, square brackets to __getitem__, curved parentheses to __call__, etc. I use my Permutation class for the same purpose: to show off Python's __ribs__ (the "stack of special names" grammar).

That immersive process, run in East Coast time, is over now, and I'm at liberty to join the Media Sphere this morning for some live, if tightly scripted, events.

OK, lets get back to the session.  I've heard all the opening Q&A, but there's still stuff to get.

Oh yeah, I'm watching through CBS News through digital broadcast. I also have the app.

Wearing my anthropology hat, I think a lot of these stormy seas have to do with ethnic clashes betwixt a highly oiled business machine mindset, and that of a government built around more transparency, even open source principles.  But then tightly controlled, private enterprises gobble up open source, and even contribute back.  Meaning I'm seeing a lot of complex merging here, the formation of new alloys (hybrid cultures).