Saturday, January 28, 2017

Winter Plunge

We're still technically in winter for sure, still January. I was sharing a .csv file of Roller Coaster data with my night shift crew, shared with me by Alexia one evening, when we got to chatting on Facebook. Let me pull some up...


Roller coasters have been a theme here. The picture at right shows me on one, Dawn to my right cropped out. In that American Adventure park across from Disneyland, Anaheim, LA.

Regarding the Youtube below, which I listened to in its entirety, I find I differed with the provided profile as someone "liberal" in my defense of the Mormon compound against a heavy-handed, abusive intervention.

That was like Charles Dickens in a blender, where the tyrant bully saves the young girl from the other tyrant bully. Most of you won't know what I'm talking about (follow links if curious).

How fun, right?  Getting your reality smashed by an iron fist like that?  No wonder we're all walking PTSD cases, in one way or another (not meaning to trivialize by generalizing, just expressing compassion). Yes, I'm thinking of those Russian (and Scottish) mystics again.

Also, I was tracking Scott Ritter's and Hans Blix reports closely, still believing rationality would make a difference, and was highly skeptical that neocons had the evidence they claimed (in Syria either). I was all over alt.politics.cia or whatever that was, questioning the aluminum tubes story, in the lead-up to the post 9-11 invasion and following years of sanctions. pdx4d was my handle, right?

I'm  talking about the usenet group, on which I used to be active.

Carol is seeing herself as strong enough to venture out tomorrow. She has the energy, a good sign. I'm staying in close touch.

I too am still ambulatory, though with a changed sleep cycle? I'm invited to a party tonight. I'd use public transportation.  Happy Birthday (belated) to Wanderer Trisha Buckland, a brave heart.  Someday I'll get back to Pub 181 I'm sure.

I'm no Sam Harris expert, not having read any of his books. Some Google Brain decided I oughta watch it. Who am I to disobey a bot, right? Just kidding (some bots I'll just kick).