Sunday, October 02, 2016

Living Room Overhaul

XO Reappears

Carol (mom) was hoping I'd wake her up for Quaker meeting today.  I rattled around in the kitchen some, making coffee, however her health is a priority and getting enough sleep is a big part of that.

She's been slaving over WILPF deadlines, pulling all nighters.

I woke up Saturday not planning to overhaul the living room, but once into it, I found it hard to stop.  I also yanked out a kitchen drawer in our fall-apart metallic cupboard system, a kit kitchen from the 1950s or so, already a relic of another age when we got here in 1995.

For awhile I despaired of getting it working again, but then paused to realize there was an intelligent design to it all, that I just needed to work with, not against.

Part of overhauling the living room was discovering where Lindsey left the XO-1, in a nice little bag with the charger.

I got to playing with it, nostalgic for One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and before ya know it I was grabbing a newer copy of Sugar and all that, from the Lab.

I've got it on WiFi, though not for any good reason.  I'll likely pass it around at the next Flying Circus.

I got the fireplace cleaned up as well, however I don't have a habit of using it much.  Unless a client needs to work in the CenturyLink room and pay for mainstream heat, I'm happy enough with most rooms running cold, more European in flavor (more Greek).  We could space heat that room too.

Portland just doesn't get below freezing that often (more Mediterranean around here) and I already have space heaters in the snake room (where we keep the snake aquarium) and in Carol's office.

The previous owners had a giant wood stove right in the middle of the living room.  We had that taken out first thing.

I see Carol managed to wake up on her own ("I should have used an alarm, that was silly of me"), so maybe we'll make it to at least the last part of meeting.

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