Saturday, August 20, 2016

Basement Again

I'd say WiFi is a tad iffy down here, even 4dsys1, but I'm getting signal, and work proceeds.  We're having a heat wave and Lindsey strung up Christmas lights and left it uncluttered for the most part.  She moved away quite awhile ago, divides her time twixt Oregon State University and the Kathmandu area.

Thanks to getting the toilet fixed, there's nothing too out of whack, at least not in current weather conditions.  You'd think I'd be using this space more, at least when it's hot.  Well, here I am.

I've been reconnecting with writings by Anthony Judge.  We're not in a Vulcan mind meld or anything, just I enjoy catching up and recall when he analyzed the Bucky stuff sometimes.

Speaking of which, I'm in a nomenclature clash with the "civil war" terminology being deployed right alongside maps that are clearly multi-state, if going by the old globes.

I realize that nations come and go on this bubbling chaotic layer we call "civilization", and so the existence of variable lag times and "Doppler Effect" (as spun in Synergetics) makes plenty of sense.  We don't all talk the same way, duh.

In other words, sorry for sounding obtuse, when Turkey and a non-UN (unrecognized) state of Kurdistan, another unrecognized state, yet identified, and additional existing (recognized) states all overlap, of course it's a hodgepodge.  But how is it a country at war with itself?

People are still seeking some victory within the old framework, as if infrastructure depletion and "collateral damage" were worth some price for what future?  Where was this all going?

I'm tripping down memory lane, remembering how in Jersey City, after Princeton, I was writing in terms of a Housing Project and Language Project.  It's not that I was planning to be "in command" of these projects i.e. I was not having fantasies of becoming a dictator, I just wanted a framework to think within, other than what had been handed me.

The Housing Project was a lot like "Orlando time share" but then came new life with AirBnB and like that.  The housing stock would be shared more, with people sampling various lifestyles.  "While I'm away, you can stay at my place" type deals.  Some properties, such as the hotels along El Camino, come to seem like cultural institutions, meaning religious in origin (that's one way of putting it).

The Language Project was like poster art.  I drew a few of my own, simple pictures, like of the Earth from satellite / spaceship with captions like Game Park, and Spaceship.  Wild Life.  Nothing earthshaking.  More recently I've come to Teaching Hospital as another good caption.  Global U.

I was doing PR for the Bucky stuff in some ways, having picked up PR skills ("ad man" instincts) living in Rome, a cosmopolitan capital.  Beyond that, I was simply aware that language was always changing, and we could "watch the wheels go 'round and 'round", like John Lennon did in his famous song.  I'd go on to become the Buckminster Fuller Institute's first webmaster, though not for long.

That I'd approach Language in this general way is predicted by my interest in Wittgenstein's philosophy, with background reading in psychoanalysis.  Yes, I know, 8th grade is considered young for Freud but then prior generations didn't have Interpretation of Dreams on a high school library shelf.  We did, at OSR.

Language-oriented philosophy appeared to be getting into the same insights as the psychoanalytic generation, with Wittgenstein's bridging to anthropology somewhat completing the (Vienna) circle.  I enjoyed the luxury of studying all this at Princeton (Class of 1980), getting a snapshot.

I'll admit "civil war" keeps it sounding contained and that maybe soothes nerves.  I'm all for soothing nerves.  When the US was at it's own throat over what the future would be, people did not know the outcome and wondered what we would see, looking back (the back-looking vista keeps changing too, as we learn more).

In the face of uncertainty and wonder about the future, sticking with a known vocabulary may be a choice in self defense.  We don't jump ship until we have another ship to jump to, if we can help it.

On the other hand, we need to protect the integrity of shared language in terms of meaning, as it's breakdowns in shared language that account for so much of the strife.  The need to be truthful is also a requirement for traction.

There's an urge to make sense.  The opposite of "making sense" is maybe "fiddling while Rome burns" (to pick an already famous image).  But with Rome already burning, what else was there to do?  Might as well fiddle at that point.  Anticipatorily nipping the causes of war in the bud was what George Fox was more into.

Anticipatory Design Science.  Looking ahead.  Planning.  Warring is the postponing of planning, which then has to be done anyway.

In other news, we tweeters (I've had my face in that) saw a dog in zero G, a samoyed Glenn guessed from my description.  The dog appeared to be on the space station, which got my head spinning imagining the logistics, so I went browsing.

I came to a source persuading me this dog was on a Vomit Comet. Yes in zero G, but not for a long time.

Glenn was by to show me some amber, the good Baltic kind with lots of bugs in it.

I'm not just tweeting all day, however as a writer and code school teacher, math teacher and so on, I need to advertise that I'm out here and show off a portfolio. My "enough web dev to give traction" demo (a Flask application) has been time-consuming of late.

I'm hard at work in my "studio" in other words, or PWS (personal workspace) in General Systems Theory (my blend at least).

Baltic Amber