Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Junkyard Nations

A lot of pundits across the spectrum indulge in the game of "I told you so" when it comes to putting the nations into some train wreck scenario and predicting some "world war N" though with little agreement on what that number N would be.

Were WW1 and WW2 two chapters in the same war?  That's what Sheikh Imran Hosein thinks, as he predicts all manner of woes.  Or was the Cold War actually WW3?  So would it be WW2 or WW4 we're going into?  What if it's entirely cyber and therefore WW0 (inside joke)?

All Syria and Russia and Israel etc. are good for in such trash talk is as radar blips on some End Times crystal ball, playing out some farce, some wimpery "end of the world".  Some Planet of the Apes goofball major fuckup.

If this is all the language of nation-states is good for these days, then I'd say it's been seriously deprecated.  No one had to lift a finger.  Entropy is a physical principle.  Obsolesce is planned, but not necessarily by humans, is another way of saying it.

However I know some UN types still use the lingo for the betterment of humanity, and not through the lens of some apocalyptic "holy book" that one is paid to be right about. These dedicated upholders of the heritage are all that keeps that tired politico-hack language from flying apart at the seams.

A lot of us though, sensing a growing ratio of junkyard crazies wallowing in the tatters of what used to be a functional language, no longer have time to learn it to a high degree.  It's more for pigs than for pearls by this time, legal fiction for the most myopic-minded.

Engineers have real work to do.  Sitting on our butts spinning out reams of End Times PR is not considered "work" on our team (more what a burn bag is for).  Let the pundits have their Youtubes, I'm all for freedom of speech.  I'll view them asynchronously if I get to them i.e. I'm not looking for front row tickets.