Monday, May 09, 2016



I'm continuing my theme of immersion in the Heartland, somewhat like the Holy Land in that both are branded regions.  Likely many Heartlands exist, certainly many Fatherlands and Motherlands.

We joked about the swarm of mothers descending upon Galo's for Mother's Day, May 8.  Galo's is a well-managed Italian restaurant near where Highway 40 intersects I-70 in Richmond, Indiana, very close to the Ohio border.

Coming back across Illinois, I tuned in more NPR, having come the other way on mostly Country and Christian Radio, with oldie Rock & Roll on that Decatur FM station.

We're about to move some works in progress, upholstery projects, from a Mazda to a studio.  Another piece came back from the studio to the apartment where I'm staying.

I have a lot of interesting photos to upload in my camera.  I don't have enough space on the hard drive, nor spare storage devices, and might as well wait for the higher bandwidth.  Optical fiber.

Pictures will include a visit to Hastings, a center for popular culture propagation, and Best Buy, where I updated myself regarding some of the latest consumer electronicsSome Bob Evans.  Many shots of the state of the art at Earlham CollegeThe graduation ceremonyGalo's.

In Springfield
:: in Springfield, IL ::