Friday, May 20, 2016

Garage Purge

Staged for Transfer
:: staged for transfer ::

Even as I hunt for gigs, feed my on-line fans with cool content, and monitor the political sphere, my "garage karma" still dogs me.  Lets just say there's not been room for a car in many moons.

I've been thinking of that coffee table book where different lifestyle practitioners bring all their stuff out and array it for public view.  I'm doing that, bringing out big black boulders of trash.

The process is actually more finely tuned as amidst all that trash are the treasures.  Things kept in plastic tubs fared best.  The rest tended to succumb to the relentless attention of a squirrel population.  Lots of nesting and shredding has occurred.

The triage process also involves sorting.  Good Will is getting some electronics and choice clothing, books in the pipeline.  My thanks to Glenn and Deke for helping out, and Patrick.  The local church arranges for a community dumpster once a year.  That's a target.