Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Multnomah Meeting, "Quakers", was close to full today, though we did have some empty chairs, which is good.  I came early for Sunday Morning Adult Discussion (SMAD), an ongoing group with a rotating facilitator.  Today's theme was "respect" as in "what is it, and what would it be like to both receive and give more of it?"

I was able to get my new smartphone on the Wifi easily.  MMM is open to members of the general public, although there's a password, like at a Coffee Shop.

As I was chatting with the Web Keeper a member of Oversight entered the conversation to share about difficulties getting passed the login.  Multnomah Meeting somewhat unfortunately decided it needed to restrict login credentials to the select few able to view the monthly newsletter.

From my angle, that's unnecessary overhead, and a newsletter could be subscriber-based only if not web-published.

Getting would-be recipients of regular publications to join a listserv is easier than trying to maintain website login credentials but then I'm not involved in this Monthly Meeting's IT Committee and had nothing to do with the move to FGC Cloud Services either.

My injuries from the fall on Mt. Tabor must not be too serious as I was able to walk with a fairly normal gait both too and from the meetinghouse.

I shared that code for computing Easter on the mathfuture list, in one of the end notes.

In the spirit of sharing the Easter theme of rejuvenation, even resurrection, one of our medical doctors went over the use of our in-house defibrillator.