Friday, May 23, 2014

Final ISEPP Lecture

I am hoping this was the season finale and not the grand finale, but much is beyond ISEPP's control.

That's the tiny nonprofit behind the Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture Series which Terry organizes, and Mentor Graphics sponsors, in tandem with other sponsors, including schools such as Oregon Episcopal.

Terry gave the wrap up talk and did manage to connect the dots for people, especially if one had been to the other lectures he referenced, which I had for the most part. Terry might be described as less apocalyptic sounding than some, even in the face of ongoing climate change.

The Heathman Dinner was excellent. Good catching up with Buzz, stroke victim recovering with Final Cut Pro.

Another good restaurant nearby: Southpark next to Arlington Club across the street, where Applewhites stayed that time they came to visit (in 1996).  I ate there today (at Southpark), discussing Oversight business with a Friend.  The wait staff stopped serving water owing to a public health advisory.