Monday, April 28, 2014


Everyone's a spy now.

I'm probably the last kid on the block to get two-step verification, the Google service where if you log in on an untrusted computer, you get a text message to your cell phone for verification purposes.  You need to enter that too, or you're not you.

Since I'm on a company computer borrowed from another staffer while mine's in the shop, I took the opportunity to make it not trusted, meaning really no computer is (to me).  There ya go, welcome to spyville.

And yet we're just truck stop Joe and Jill.  There's future shock for ya, hello Alvin Toffler.

What's been happening?  Lots of course.

Dave Koski is legitimately excited about this number 2√2ø^-2  as in Emod * 2√2ø^-2 = S mod.

These so-called "mods" are tetrahedron shapes, components defined in Synergetics 2.  That's the magnum opus by Buckminster Fuller in collaboration with E.J. Applewhite since transplated to the web.  Dedicated to H.S.M. Coxeter aka King of Infinite Space.

David and I have yakked about such things for years, fun shoptalk (namespace, whatever).

I've been looking at a new title: