Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Back to the Future

David Pearce Snyder is on the ISEPP board so has behind the scenes influenced Terry in ways we'll never know about (grin).  He's lectured for ISEPP before and was as lucid as ever, in bringing us his view of the future, which is very metrological, in the sense of "metrologist", one who measures (Doug Strain was one of those too).

Demographically speaking, the North American population is aging and youth will be at a premium. But beyond that rather well know fact was the good news:  the gigantic onslaught of new tech that really takes time to accommodate, has been accommodated to the point where we might even thrive again.  We were in a dip, if you look at the numbers.

I really appreciated this big picture perspective.  My dad was a futurist and would have loved these ISEPP lectures, this one in particular I think.

Bravo Mentor Graphics and other sponsors, and Terry for picking winners way more than chance would allow.  We must be doing something right, eh?

What the talk was really about was the future of higher education, a topic of keen interest to me, given I'm in the teaching business, in Cyberia (cyberspace).  MOOCs started off on the wrong foot maybe, but much was learned.  Universities are adapting or going under, the usual thing.  I'm being vague as you had to be there.  These lectures get recorded, Glenn on camera.

The Heathman dinner was excellent as usual.  I let Christine have my other ticket as she's a stalwart and adds perspective to Wanderers a lot.  I get two tickets per lecture as another board member, but not an advertised one i.e. I'm not the big name futurist David is, though I did get two write-ups in The Oregonian as a futurist (only Metro section I'm pretty sure).  Small potatoes so far.

You don't have to go to a four year college to have a good life, but neither should you regret going if that's what you did or are doing.  Many doors are open.  This is not a bad time to be alive.