Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Lego Movie (movie review)

This movie resembles Robots in developing a consistent look and feel, up to a point.  The theme is the tension between conformity / uniformity versus the celebration of "specialness" as one of the cookie cutter instances.  AI explores this same tension, a concern among children, under pressure to develop a character.

Our hero is a "construction worker" in some happy camper robotic "utopia" of the most uber-controlled kind.  We might as well be in the fevered imagination of some kid with an overbearing business man type father, trying to work it out through play-as-therapy.

I should preface the whole business by confessing:
(a) I'm writing this under some time pressure, self imposed, as there's a business meeting I need to get to, yes on a Sunday these "Christians" do business (you'd think the money changing in the temple story might give pause, but nooo) and

(b) I just prior went to see Johnny Stallings doing a brilliant rendering of Dostoyevsky's The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, like the last thing he wrote, a short story about someone very ordinary (connect to Lego Movie context) having their own special truth to share with the world (a missing puzzle piece perhaps).
Johnny had jiggered it a bit (he's a pro) and delivered a brilliant recital, as a benefit performance for a documentary under way, a movie about taking Shakespeare into prisons, and having prisoners stage plays for one another under Johnny's and his theater crew's direction.

The one-on-one interviews coming from the prisoners are stellar (we watched some preview clips).  I'd say this documentary looks very promising, worthy of a high profile Coffee Shops Network (CSN) listing for sure.  I've been a Stallings fan for a long time, as these blogs attest.  Nick Consoletti was the catalyst for enriching and expanding my network in Portland in important ways.

I was hobbled by a bad heel, a "victim body part" given my hauling like a quarter ton up the mountain every day (talking about my morning meditation exercise / walk up Mt. Tabor).  And I have a bazillion more OSCON proposals to read, but had spent all morning on the day job and felt in a "no battery charge" condition regarding doing more technical reading.

So rather than get back to work after Johnny's performance at First Unitarian downtown, I rushed to The Bagdad for The Lego Movie, even though it wasn't in 3D, which must be spectacular, maybe again someday.  Awesome.

Steve, I borrowed the crutches from your closet after the movie, as the heel was so bad last night I could barely make it down the sidewalk.  Yes, this means I'm driving to meeting, more peak oil down the drain.  I'll hope to compensate in some way.  I suppose we could say all of Lego-verse (a multi-verse) is a byproduct of peak oil, right?  Plastic and all.  I wonder which hole in the desert or ocean bottom each Lego piece comes from.

Of course the movie doesn't actually use that much real Lego as it's an animation / simulation of a multi-verse, the combination of puppetry and physics engine we've come to call home in the entertainment business.  I'd like to watch "the making of".