Sunday, December 08, 2013

Ongoing Logistics

We got it to the point in the Buddha Room where it looks like mudding all the walls would be better than trying to just mud one of them.  "To mud" is to add texture, making the wall more orange peel like.

The movie director turned landlord I sometimes write about is flying off to Germany and I just got some training to help with her cat while she's gone.  I'm not the primary care guy, more the supervisor who relays how it's going.  This is a stray.  The Humane Society reports no extra cats.  People are giving them homes.  I blame effective PR.

I missed Keith's visit to Red & Black, part of a tour.  Food Not Bombs (FNB) is a global NGO with a large following, and I'm locally one of the lynch pins, though in a back office sense, given my bicycle was stolen.  I used to haul vegetables, two trailers at a time, even with grey hair in my fifties, a way to stay fit.

However I've been engaged in follow-up archived correspondence, with Keith in the CC, regarding a Seattle Weekly article vaguely alleging FNB was an unwitting vector for botulism.  Or rather the allegation was potatoes wrapped in tin foil may sometimes be a vector, and FNB has been known to distribute potatoes in tin foil, QED, or at least sort of.  "Sloppy journalism" I called it.  Let me dig out a quote (from RiseUp):
I agree there are detractors of FNB out there, and smear campaigns, but I can't prove Seattle Weekly is working off one of those "programs".  Sloppy journalism is endemic in this culture.  The standards once upheld were all changed once entertainment in the format of news (Comedy Central, Fox News) could exempt itself from the standards of news journalism.  This has had an eroding effect on news reporting more generally.
The local FNB chapter is doing a "how to make vegan tamales" workshop this coming Sunday.

At Quakers today (Multnomah Meeting) we looked at slides of events in Washington, D.C.  We're seeing more collaboration between FCNL and AFSC than usual, which most take as a good sign.  I don't mind being a minority voice in many of the internal debates we Friends enjoy.  That reminds me, I need to renew my subscription to Western Friend.