Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wanderers 2012.5.16


David DiNucci is holding forth regarding his newly published book on scalable planning.  His focus is giving people concepts and language for planning activities that take place in parallel.

Planners have been grappling with such problems for a long time, with operations research kicking in around the time of World War 2.

The logic is supposed to assist computer programmers who are increasingly looking for ways to maximize / optimize jobs / tasks.  His language is deliberately generic, not too focused on either hardware or software.

Holden took off early this morning for Chicago, doing the legwork to get OpenDjango off the ground.

Yesterday, John Driscoll and I had a meeting about fractals and the systems stuff he's doing, at Common Ground.

The reason I was late this time, and sat in the naughty chair (not really, it's an especially nice chair and Glenn helped me plug in), is I was watching the making of the movie Ghosts, wherein Michael Jackson tries to get inside the skin of someone who looks like our Buzz.  Jackson intimates he's been using this gringo suit as a gad about around town sometimes, a way to get away from the stares.  Kinda like scuba.

David Tver asked if I wanted to talk about Quakers in the wake of Duane Ray doing something on Mormons.  This is for some other group, not Wanderers.  I expressed a willingness.