Saturday, May 05, 2012

Insider Gossip

I've been seeing indications that the popular press is becoming more aware of Iran's PR / diplomatic initiative.  They say it's not about building nuclear weapons, or winning the right to do so, but about standing for peaceful / civilized uses of the technology and questioning the right of arrogant superpowers to lord it over others with their arsenals.

Iran has joined the Countdown to Zero campaign in other words, at least in this computer model.

Since that's a campaign with deep roots in WDC as well, it's becoming easier to fast track the "bomb Iran" crowd into retirement circuits.

The XY-dominated hierarchies need a lot of such fast tracks just to help more qualified XXs gain positions of influence, so this becomes a women's rights issue as well.

Such changes in the background will be reflected a little bit in the foreground if the past is any guide.  Those hot and bothered pundits who've been calling for bombing get to mug for the video anthologies that go around, of shrill talking heads who role model what is worst and weakest in people.

We can all feel glad we're not them.  A primary function of television is to help us feel superior to most who go on it, especially "opinion makers".

President Obama has been aware of this rift, but then so is any president confronted with a mutinous Beltway Junta that's about keeping Gitmo open, and not just for BP executives who might more belong there.

The USA is supposed to just shut up about its desire to not be the imperialist puppet slave of those accustomed to having their way through force and threat.

These junta people tend to be loud, armed, and not particularly interested in any feedback.  At least half of them are privately employed mercenaries who, if caught behind enemy lines, will try to involve the CIA in some way (ala the crack cocaine dealers in LA, who used the war against Nicaragua as their cover).

The rest are college grads with cubicle jobs or corner office jobs, who submit analysis sometimes.  They may have traveled and gone to fancy academies with high tuition.

Again, the safest path, when doing diplomacy, is to remind people that WDC is just one more city (on the east coast, so behind the times, closer to Europe), not even a state, and the Beltway Junta should not be mistaken for the White House, which it surrounds and besieges.

We'll still get Gitmo closed one of these days, when it's not controlled by Retirement City and cruise ship wannabes.