Monday, April 30, 2012

Gotta Have Coffee

Lindsey and I chatted about the philosophy behind her song by this title, while biking back from DMV.  A few seconds of that song had made it into Occupation Nation (see previous blog post).

I thought that was apropos, given Occupy the Ports has to do with world trade and what counts as fair versus exploitative.  The equations are multifarious.  That's what the self interested great pirates were about, before they became great computers or whatever we're using today to keep track.  Books, other records.

Anyway, she puts more bite behind it when times are bad and things are heading south (in the sense of "wrong way").  That's no time for goofing off.  Whereas when things are going well, hey, why not kick back and have some fun, have some coffee?

That's somewhat the ethics for her.

We also talked about the tea party connection, and how switching to coffee was a patriotic act in the face of the UK's tea practices back then (talking Revolution).

DMV was moving quickly today.  We took our number and were called to the counter after scribbling as fast as we could on various forms (three in all).  I phoned home to ask Melody to check the odometer (197K plus). Lindsey was letting go of her stake in what had been her escape pod from Savannah.

This Nissan took over for the Subaru (Razz) after the latter's demise.

Walker had become zealously anti peak oil waste and was driving herself to walk a tough talk.  Rather than just let it rust, she invested her asset towards gaining a more settled home life (space in the Blue House), but for herself chose the bicycle as pretty much her only mode of self conveyance, a good move health wise as well.

For awhile we collaborated on a music venture, with me as chauffeur / roadie, earnest dork anthropologist from Princeton, taking it all in.  But she wanted to find a stronger social justice angle.  Actively discouraging driving was part of it, so my job fell away, plus I was never that high on her totem pole to begin with.

Not having taken the same vows, I continued to pay maintenance and insurance, while enjoying free access to the public roads.  I did scale way back though.  I think more in months per tank than in miles per gallon these days.  Getting work that did not require much driving was a missing puzzle piece that came along.

Melody is all but moved out per long term plan; it's not technically the first of the month yet.

JenQ has also folded her tent.

Gypsies are on the move again, will continue flitting through.  Or shall we say Elvyn folk.  None will go far I hope.

We zipped back to quarters from DMV, where Lindsey harnessed the dog for a walk.  I had a late lunch engagement with Steve then went bouncing around again.  Have wifi will work (within the neighborhood -- I don't shoot away all that often, though I do that too, usually only for short intervals).

Quakers have gotten mixed up in the coffee trade themselves.

Multnomah Meeting sent a delegation, my daughter among them.

Last night Tara and I had home made pasta carbonara at the Holden residence.  Patrick, now with Nike, came by for dessert, after Tara's departure.  He was rightly incensed that a little humor in his posters would not be tolerated and the science fair was canceled to teach him a lesson.

Elementary school attracts certain personality types, caricatures really.

Yesterday Lyrik had live jazz.  Nature Boy, one of their tunes, was by an unknown from Colorado, his only hit really.  That and Little Prince were early childhood themata.  They'd likely blend as a cartoon.  I was also into kachina dolls.

Children spontaneously express the archetypes, that's Jung 101, Freud too.