Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Techno-Invective Reloaded

EJA saddled me with inventor status versus this "art form" as he called it, which is similar to what Quakers call ranting, but about highly esoteric subjects in rather technical ways. You can call it polemics, but then the content tends to be rather dry. Imagine a shouting match between engineers over SQL schemas, or a steamy sex scene: either way, the "EQ" seems out of proportion to the "IQ" (or something like that).

Rather than practice literary criticism on my own art, frowned upon in some circles as "self indulgent", let me conclude by linking to another recent example. This stuff is highly polished, a result of working in a domain, hammering away. Role models might be underground comics writers, some of the shock jocks, and certain comedians when it comes to doing it live. Tends to be somewhat funny in other words. Sounding off about nothing, but in ways that may leave an impression. Others will be less charitable I'm sure.