Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Solstice Wanderers

The balance of our evening was devoted to learning from Allen Taylor about The Mad Scientist, a work in progress by his talented sons, and still raising funds. This kickstart site is pretty interesting.

This is the prequel to their Evil Cult, which I saw in a movie theater in downtown Portland years ago.

Craigmore Creations has done a splendid job redecorating the interior of the Linus Pauling House. Any signs of ISEPP are now gone or more subtle. Julian's sculpture is still outside.

I'm glad I still have the Photostream set, preserving a bygone era.

I'm at OS Bridge at the moment, official nametag and everything, in my usual role of "geek about town" (no cane or top hat this time, trying to shed any lingering Mr. Toad imagery for more Pythonic fashions).

The talk I attended today was all about making maps, lots of influence from Tufte. Yes, back to the ESRI world, with a strong plug for GeoDjango, even though the speaker was more of the Rubyesque persuasion.

Cartographers use different standardized spherioids, with a datum to anchor them. Geodetics help align the data as well. This is all the omnitriangulating Fuller was talking about in Critical Path, still ongoing. I grabbed a DVD on my way out the door, after asking about open source licensing.

The math of geodesy could easily plow a digital math track right back through K-12. The "tentacles" would emanate from this geekdom of "world masters" (those who've done a lot of homework on themselves). Sounds romantic. Octopus's Garden.