Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re: Paulings on OPB (Wanderers List)

Thank you very much Lynn.

It is my fond hope to be able to share that with family members. We don't subscribe to television services at this time.

I saw it myself on a big bright HDTV and thought it was well crafted and packed with interesting facts.

They did a good job recreating the chem lab in the basement.

So that was a rooming house run by his mother then? I could see where having all those rooms would come in useful.

The show emphasized the importance of diet and nutrition in some of his own chapters, helped us see why orthomolecular medicine would be a lifelong focus.

But then we all have a body (yeah I know I know, speak for myself), so the real question is why aren't we *all* more into it like he was?

He comes off like the smart guy in the room, that's for sure, with a partner who recognized his talent (and vice versa).

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I have taped it on a DVD for those of you who missed it.

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