Saturday, April 16, 2011

Multitasking Again

Buzz is updating me on FB re the DL on the standoff between rivals in Tibet (virtual nation).

Google is reminding me it's about to pull the plug on any video content I've hosted on Google Video, news to me. Lots of downloading and uploading (to Youtube). My critic is hot on my trail.

A discussion of Free Will on the Wittgenstein list probably seems like a waste of time, but I'm busy fleshing out this post-PIC memeplex that's meta to same (PIC = prison-industrial complex, as some call it).

The local temple, Pauling House block, is doing as service, as is Santo Daime, both today. Then there's the play at the school. However, I'm feeling deadline pressures so can't pull away from the desk job right now. HB2U AA.

Too crowded for me though (the temple). I told the two I was coming in with that I didn't want to add to the discomfort if the concert was already packed, which it was. I got a few shots of the perimeter and headed over to the Bagdad for Unknown.

Carol is in Boston. Tara's aunties took her out for breakfast and shopping today, for the next debate contest. Other members of the household are on their respective and concurrent tracks. Time slithers on.