Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Chatter Box

Gotta head over to Fred's soon for bread, a lunch standard (PB&J). Koski: to call. File: FZ. Here at Glennspad (wifi) having checked out newest version of Global Matrix Studio in DS on Asylum Ave.

Worked through a queue, basic inbox. I used to do GST in terms of PWSs (personal workspaces) with two credit wheels, like the ends of a cylinder. Inputs and outputs. In between: value added.

I've uploaded some pix from Sonoma, now turning my gaze to the Far East (Philly). The Middle East is like Reno.

FNB tonight: talked to some cycling genius who'd biked his way across North America. Road quality varies a lot between states and counties.

Sonoma, with an abundance of pavement, is seriously planning on letting a lot of its road bed go back to like gravel. All that asphalt was unsustainable. No, not a bluff, a change in land use.

Hard to find a way over the Mississippi in a bicycle. Go north to Kentucky, just over the border. Otherwise it's all freeways, pandering to the dominant paradigm.

One of Barry's friends is buying a Tesla.

Good catching up with LT this afternoon, thanks to T (Cleveland) having left her calculator somewhere on the ski trip. One of hers goes to Grant. T got to sit with Khafourys at the dinner for Brian Greene (who was tightly scheduled, reports Glenn).

SB in AK yet? Talked with RS. Heading out for that bread now.