Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wanderers 2010.8.11

We projected some far out "fractals" today, which I put in quotes because they're way beyond what most people have projected. The Athena fractal made my day and then some. Tower of Babel also good.

I get updated on global weather and climate changes through these meetings. More news from Pakistan.

There's some interest in shifting gears and doing more of a rescue operation, suspending the slaughter to serve humanitarian functions. That the gears need to be shifted is telling, though obvious.

Along those lines, I heard some cynicism regarding State Department plans to source the chain of command -- talking about those "permanent bases" that cost a fortune.

Once built, you want your Global U facilities to have a half life, especially if they're not just more "torture castles".

Saddam's castles would have served, were more stylish. I don't see much in the way of boldly innovative architecture here, not even domes.

The airports are nice though, could help with disaster relief.

Exchange student programs will keep the transfer bases from being one way streets. You'll have Iraqis training in New Mexico most likely, some Russians going through. Civilians mix politely and diplomatically for the most part and do not require armed escorts.

I skipped joining folks for lunch, as I have a refrigerator full of fresh vegetables and I don't need to be squandering funds, much as I enjoy their company.

I joined some of them later though, before heading to work on the farm.

Meeting Trevor's dad was a high point of my day. By that time I had a lot of my geometry supplies out. We had some excellent discussions and I gave Trevor his copy of the new Flextegrity book, exotic, well-executed, and hard to get. Given Trevor traffics in esoterica some, I knew he'd be pleased.