Friday, July 02, 2010

Partial Recovery

The laptop takes forever to boot (not sure how long, as I was out walking both times). Pathological.

I've added back a Sun VirtualBox containing Ubuntu, got Eclipse Helios going, Pythons 2.6 and 3.1... VFP9.

Too many happenings to catch myself up. More when I get the time, or check Facebook.

Recent polemics:
The fact is, few if any public schools are lifting a finger to get any concentric hierarchy on the map, whereas it's pretty simple to teach and comprehend. This thinking is also a gateway to grand quasi-utopian visions, a strong strand in American literature up to (but not including) the present day. What's pumped out there now is mostly pessimistic "endless war on terror" Orwellian poopka, with a constant drum beat to start a new war (with Iran they hope)
Sounds like NCLB or something. "Concentric hierarchy" includes that Pentagon Math stuff.

Koski has been doing good work on the Archimedean dual honeycombs, conversing about it with Guy Inchbald on the Poly list. Scotts reply to DK was also to Synergeo. This was a high point in this esoteric thread.

My thanks to Trevor Blake for the Youtube below. Thanks also to Joyce Creswell who just phone from her last day at work with Saturday Academy (she's retiring). I encouraged her to visit Wanderers to give us the benefit of some of her insights.