Sunday, July 11, 2010

Coffee Shop Capitalism

CSN 005

I call it "capitalism" out of deference to Bucky Fuller's meaning: using your own head, doing your own thinking. Even Marx was into that, though he didn't mind borrowing from Hegel here and there.

More doodling today, even while paying close attention in Oversight Committee meeting, a potluck. I'll upload to Photostream. I got a bank loan for this project, but there's been no press about my projects since those two Peter Carlin articles in the 1980s. That's OK, we don't have to rely on The Oregonian for everything.

The idea of charitable giving as a character building exercise is not news to Foundations, but many kids of no privilege don't get to serve as "benefactors" to anyone. They're institutionally defined as being on the receiving end of programs.

This Coffee Shops Network plan puts you, the player, in the driver's seat.

Play a wicked game of Tetris and benefit some Save the Whales group big time, with the blessings of your sponsor. The payload at point of sale originated in the vendor's charitable giving slice in the first place, so you're basically using your skills to funnel funding as you see fit, with the proceeds of future profits or some portion thereof.

You might object this is no more than "Church Bingo" and you'd be correct. That's not an objection though, and our games range through many levels, some serving a didactic purpose (you learn stuff by playin' 'em). If you really just wanna play Bingo... I'm sure there'd be options.